What is Selldevice Certified Pre-owned?


We’ve designed an industry leading process for quality checks and testing. Each device undergoes extensive and rigorous 70+ key functionality test to ensure the device you buy is of outstanding quality.



Here is a short list of the functionality checks we carry out on our certified pre-owned devices.
  • Power On
  •  Power Button
  •  Device Charging
  •  Charging Port
  •  Device Firmware
  •  Connectivity
  •  Wi-Fi
  •  Bluetooth
  •  Cellular
  •  GPS Connectivity
  •  WLAN Connection
  •  Location Services
  •  NFC Check
  •  SIM Reader Test
  •  SIM Tray Check
  •  Rotation Check
  •  Call Test
  •  Flash Functionality
  •  Battery Health Level
  •  Accelerometer Test
  •  Barometer Test
  •  Gyroscope Check
  •  Proximity Sensor
  •  Light Sensor
  •  Microphone
  •  Video Microphone
  •  Voice Memo Recorder
  • Volume Up/Down
  •  Mute Switch Test
  •  Speaker
  •  Loudspeaker
  •  Headphone Jack Test
  •  iOS Activation Check
  •  iCloud Account Removal
  •  Complete Device Passcode Unlock
  •  Rooted Check
  • Touch ID
  •  Face ID
  •  Front Facing Camera
  •  Rear Camera 
  • Jailbroken Check
  •  Complete Manual Erase
  •  Complete Factory Reset
  •  Vibration
  •  Lock/Unlock Button
  •  Digitizer
  •  LCD Screen Check
  •  Liquid Damage Check
  •  Multi Touch Screen Check
  •  Force Touch Screen Check
  •  3D Touch
  •  Fingerprint Scanner
  •   Image Capture
  • Blacklist Database Check

How Do We Grade Our Devices?

Looks like new

Screen and body appear to be in pristine condition.  


Has little signs of wear.

Screen and body might have minor scratches

Has some normal signs of wear.

Screen and body might have dents and scratches from average use.

Has some heavy signs of wear.

Fully functional but screen and body have major dents and scratches.

Why Buy From Selldevice?